little things

This post is a bit of a photo dump with all the little happenings that took place between birthday celebrations and holidays.  

The extent of my decorations for Valentine's Day and two sweet boys (don't tell them I said so!)  checking out their treats and gifts.


 Impromptu photo taking on the stairs :)

Frozen pizza night...As much as I love homemade pizza I will unashamedly throw one of these in the oven for the kids, especially when the hubs is out of town.
 And since we're in the kitchen, here's a little something we added recently.  We bought this console from Ikea a few years ago and had it in the family room, then the foyer.  Now we've moved it to the kitchen to serve as a small island.  Travis added some wood to the top and I painted the base just to give it a little update.
In progress..
Also added a little hook on the side...
 After...Please ignore the cluttered counter and crumbs on the floor.  This is real life folks!
Never ending snack time
Scary! Sort of sad! Happy faces!
In February we attended the wedding of a dear cousin and snapped this group selfie of all the first cousins during the reception.  The sweet couple is in the middle.  
Volunteering at our school!
Continuing to paint...Made this angel for Kinley's room.
Waiting for Greyson to finish up his tennis lesson.  A new sport for him this spring. 

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