Magic Sparkly Play Dough

As I'm sure you know, we were hit with a winter storm here in the Northeast.  
Winter storm = no school for today.  And {no school} + {we're stuck in the house because the roads are slippery} = a long day of arts & crafts, and movies, and story time, and whatever else I can think of to make sure everyone keeps calm and carries on!

Soooo...I whipped up one of my kids' favorite things for our arts & crafts time.  Play dough!  Except this time I added a magic ingredient...
I followed the same play dough recipe that I've been using for a while now, and then added the glitter once it cooled.
After a while, Kinley decided she was a baker and came up with these goodies... birthday cupcakes, candles included!
As always, the play dough was a hit, but I think we needed more sparkles.  I'll have to add even more glitter next time.

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