First Day of School ~ 2013

Today was Kinley's first day of kindergarten!!!  
  I love seeing all the Back to School parties all over the internet.  I think throwing a party is a great way to let little ones know how important school is.  We didn't have a party but, since Kinley goes to school in the afternoon [no full-day kindergarten here in PA :( ], we had plenty of time for a special "first day of school" breakfast instead.  
After breakfast, it was finally time to get dressed and head to school!  Before bedtime last night, Kinley told me she was very excited but a little bit nervous about her first day.  Luckily, we had the chance to meet her teacher last week at the school's Sneak-a-Peek.  Ms. U is so incredibly sweet, which made it easier for our little kindergartner at drop-off time today.  
I put together a little gift for her.  
It didn't include anything fancy, just a few things I thought Ms. U might find of good use over the coming months.

Our school year is {finally} off to a great start!

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