Summer Rewind

Hasn't this summer flown by.  Perhaps the past couple of months have gone by so quickly because of how busy we were.  We went to California, New York, and made a trip back home to South Carolina.  In all our busyness, it was inevitable that I would miss posting about some of our summer.  Here are some of the things I want to remember that I somehow neglected to post about before.

~ The tooth fairy has stopped by a few times in our home, and she won't get a break any time soon.  Kinley lost three teeth this summer and currently has two more that are really loose.

~ Brinkley started a special class where he receives therapy for his speech delay.  Its basically like going to a regular preschool, except most of the students have some type of developmental delay. 
 The teachers are awesome and do so much with the little ones.  It's only been a couple of months and we've already seen so much improvement with Brinkley's speech.  We're excited to see how much more he improves as he continues this fall.  He'll also start regular three-year old preschool.

~My mom, stepfather, sister, and nephew flew up to spend the Fourth of July with us.  It was so nice having them visit because we hadn't seen them since before the move!

~I never posted about our trip to South Carolina.  We had not planned to return home this summer, but we decided to make the trip after we learned Travis's father was retiring the week before Greyson's birthday.  We really wanted to be there to join in the celebration, and it had been over seven months since we moved away.  It was well worth the almost 11 hour drive!  Since we were with our family, we decided to also celebrate Greyson's second birthday with a small party.  My mom, sister and sister's friend came up from Columbia to celebrate with us.  I went with a train theme since the little guy is so into Thomas the Tank Engine these days.

~ We live surprisingly close to Delaware, so we occasionally venture into Wilmington when we're looking for something to do.  Earlier this summer, we checked out the Delaware Children's Museum.

~When we weren't traveling, we managed to squeeze in some fun with trips to the library and nearby playgrounds.  


Now its time to get ready for the fall!  Kinley is starting kindergarten, dance and gymnastics in a few days.  Brinkley will start preschool, and Greyson will be busy being a curious little two year old.  Oh...and I'm joining the Junior League!

Yes...we're going to be super busy.  But I am so ready for it!

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