New York {Part One}

We're home and finally settling back into our routine.  As I mentioned in my previous 
post, we were in New York City last week.  Travis had to go for work, so we decided to add on a few personal days and make a vacation out of it.  
We've both been before, but never together.  This was also a first for our kids.  For this trip, we chose to stay in Times Square. 
Our view from above...
We walked around a good bit.  The farthest away we ventured was to Central Park I think.  I would've loved to visit the Statue of Liberty and some of the museums, but we had to keep our little ones in mind.  As they get older, I think we'll be able to see and do more when we visit in the future. But for this trip, we pretty much stayed within a 20 block radius.  I certainly didn't mind though. I think they experienced enough with all the bright lights, endless noise, and large crowds of people!  

Here is some of what we did...

We checked out the huge, three-story Toys R' Us on our first day.  This place had every toy imaginable.  There's also a candy shop and ferris wheel inside!  Travis took our crew for a ride..
Kinley's nails after our trip to the toy store!
We could see the three-story M&M store from our hotel window.  It didn't take long for Kinley to spot it.  She really likes m&m's so we could not leave without checking out the store.  Kinley was not disappointed!  We saw a lot of m&m stuff, and not just candy.  There were plenty of toys, clothing, and a $3,000 Swarovski-encrusted M&M leather jacket (who in the world is buying that?).   
The only thing I knew about Central Park was based on what I'd seen on tv.  It was nice to finally be able to see it on my own.  We obviously did not walk through the entire park because it is quite large.  In retrospect, it would've been nice to check out the zoo or plan our visit around some kid-friendly event within the park.  Maybe next time.  This trip was just about seeing it.
Travis spent three days working, so I had to come up with ways to keep my littles entertained.  There was a lot of coloring and story time, but I did venture out with them a few times.  We found this playground just a couple of blocks away from our hotel.  The sprinklers were a surprise.

I'm happy that we chose to add the extra days and make the trip as a family, though I'm not sure I will want to stay in Times Square when we visit again.  There were just so many people.  It was mind-boggling!  The only time there weren't thousands of people lining the street was first thing in the morning, on the weekdays.  I read on Wikipedia that a third of a million people pass through Times Square daily!  Throw in a sit n' stand stroller and a five year old.  I'm sure you can imagine the craziness fun we experienced trying to walk down the street just to find a place to eat.  Maybe we'll stay in another part of Manhattan next time:)

Anyway, I have a few more pics to share so I'll do another post soon!

**Side note: I forgot to pack my new camera!  Can you believe that?!!?  We took all these pictures with the cameras on our phones.** 

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