Last Day of School 2013

Today was Kinley's last day of school.  Well, to be exact, today was her last day of preschool.  Can you believe that?  We officially have a kindergartner now!
Here she was on her first day of school (in Columbia)...
We had a few minutes before school this morning so I pulled out the camera and snapped away...
 She was so looking forward to today because her class had their end-of-the-year party in the gymnasium.  I dropped Brinkley off to his school and dashed back to her so Greyson and I could join the festivities.
Kinley has had a wonderful experience at her school here in Pennsylvania.  Her teacher made the mid-year transition so easy and we're so thankful for that.
Now she is beyond excited about being in elementary school with the "big kids".
You did AWESOME this year in school!  You are turning out to be one fantastic student who LOVES to learn.  Your teachers so far have always had great things to say about you.  Please, please, please keep that sweet spirit and don't ever lose your enthusiasm about school.  We are so proud of you and can not wait to start kindergarten with you!

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