Gardening on the deck

We are currently renting our home here in Pennsylvania since we just moved here and hardly know the area.  The home we chose is a town home which, unfortunately, has absolutely no backyard and a very small green space in the front.  There is a nice sized deck though.  As soon as we moved in, I immediately began dreaming of all the ways we could transform our only outdoor space into a mini oasis.  There's only one problem...I know very little about gardening.  I didn't want that to stop me though.  I decided to take baby steps.  We stopped by Home Depot yesterday and here's what we have so far...

This last picture is of a blueberry plant.  I originally planned to pot a small tree and place it in this corner.  Travis and I have recently begun trying to eat cleaner, healthier, "real" foods (I'll post more about our 100 days of real food later), so when I saw the fruit trees I thought this might be the perfect thing for our evolving lifestyle.
We also picked up some herbs (thyme, basil, and parsley) but forgot to buy pots for those.  Travis suggested using a basket.  It looks really cute, but I'm not sure if they'll thrive this way.  We'll see!
The kiddos were having so much fun "helping".  We also planted some vegetable seeds from a gardening kit I purchased from Learning Express.  It came with everything we needed to plant the seeds, including the egg carton and sticks.  Once the seeds start to sprout, we're supposed to move them to larger pots.  Kinley is pretty excited about watching these little guys grow.
As I said, I know very little about gardening, so hopefully everything is still alive in a few weeks.  We hope to eventually add furniture and more greenery to our "oasis".  I'll keep you posted!

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