Fun in the sand

The weather was nice today so I decided to take the little ones to a nearby playground.  I particularly like this playground because, although its part of a public park, its tucked in the back of a neighborhood and isn't near any busy roads.  There's a buffer between the park and the nearby homes, and on the other side is this huge meadow and then farmland.  So after lunch, we loaded up and headed to this playground.  The kids enjoyed playing for a while...
Then Kinley goes, "Hey mommy, can we play in the sand like those kids over there".  Huh?  What sand?  Oooohhh, that sand.  

By this time, the other moms with their children were gone.  But Kinley persisted and I eventually gave in.  What fun is the playground if you're not going to get dirty, right?
I guess I need to remember to grab the sand buckets and shovels next time!

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