Ready for spring

I am so ready for spring and some warmer weather.  It doesn't help that most stores had Easter/spring items on display well before Valentine's Day.  In my anticipation, I couldn't resist picking up a few items.  Like this cute little bird's nest... 
and these pastel egg cups.  Love the little chick feet on the yellow one.
I saw these bird houses in Joanne's a couple of a months ago and thought they might be perfect for a spring art project.  Plus, they were only a dollar! 
I pulled them out yesterday for the little ones to paint.  They love to paint, but the boys usually end up putting the brushes in their mouths.  So I decided to try making my own, toddler-friendly paint.  There are so many variations to making home-made paint.  I kept mine pretty simple.  Just flour, water, and food coloring...
It came out a little grainy (I don't think I stirred enough), but it was definitely like paint.  
I actually like how rustic the houses look with the grainy texture...
I'll definitely make more of this paint.  It's so cost effective (I only used a couple of tablespoons of the flour and just a few tiny drops of the food coloring) and I don't have to freak out if Greyson decides to taste his art.  
One last's a peek at Kinley's dress for Easter...
I love, love, love how girly this dress is with all the ruffles and trim.  And how sweet is the smocking with the little birds flying around their cages.  Just right for spring!
Can you believe Easter is just a couple of weeks away!  This year seems to be flying by already.  


  1. That's adorable enough to make one want to cry :-) !!

    Just an awesome breath of Easter happiness! So springy!

    I just love my Family!

    LOve Mimi!


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