Easter baskets and an egg hunt...

Normally, we give the children their Easter baskets on Easter, either before or after church.  This year we decided to do things a little differently and give the little ones their baskets the day before.  I put everything out Friday night so they would see them as soon as they came down for breakfast.
I tried to fill the baskets with things I thought they'd really like.  I started with books.  I always give my kids books on holidays and special occasions.  Sometimes a book is all they get, which they don't seem to mind at all! Along with their books, they each received a new movie, and I made these bunny and flower crayons to go with their coloring pages. 
Kinley got a new Lalaloopsy to add to her collection...

Greyson received new mega blocks...
 and Brinkley got his very first Transformer!  Travis was a little too excited to show him how it worked. 
 I also sewed a few things for them this year.  When it comes to sewing, I've never made anything more than applique shirts and a couple of skirts for Kinley.  But I had this grand vision of filling their baskets with handmade bunnies.  Then I saw this tutorial for fabric carrots on Clare's Craftroom blog and knew I absolutely had to make them too for the little bunnies.  It all turned out sooooo cute!  
I changed the measurements for my carrots because I wanted mine  smaller than the ones shown in the tutorial.  And I cheated a little and used fabric glue because I was running out of time, but I stitched the bunnies by hand.  

After playing with their new playthings and eating a little too much chocolate, we took them to a nearby park for an egg hunt and to play.  We had a wonderful break from the cold weather.  It was sunny and close to 60 degrees by the time we headed out.
Sweet boys! And check out Brinkley's basket...it was not enough for him to find the eggs.  He also decided to hunt for sticks!
My little girl!
The egg hunt went so well.  Brinkley only tried to run away once. Ha! 
I'm so glad we chose to do the baskets the day before.  We had a wonderful day!   
Have a happy, HAPPY Easter!

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