Pietro's and Federal Donuts

Friday we decided to take our second trip into Philadelphia for lunch and to walk around a bit.  Just a warning, I took all these pics with my phone so some of them are dark or blurry.
 Travis remembered eating at this restaurant on Walnut Street, Pietro's Coal Oven Pizzeria, years ago when he was here with another job.  So we headed there for lunch.  I must say, it was well worth the aggravation of finding parking for our Yukon and trying to navigate the crowded sidewalks with a double stroller and five year old in tow.  The food was delish and the restaurant was, surprisingly, very family-friendly.
Breaded goat cheese over arugula and Eggplant Rolentine
Cheese pizza with meatballs
The kids loved their pizza and my salad was great!  It was the Insalata Tuna.  I'm guessing insalata means salad in Italian.  Anyway, it had tuna (obviously), avocados, tomatoes, asparagus, and some other stuff all dressed in a white balsamic vinaigrette.  Yum!  Sorry, I forgot to snap a pic of it.  Travis also enjoyed his grilled salmon.

Before we moved, we were randomly watching the Food Network when a show came on that was all about places to eat in Philadelphia.  I don't remember the name of the show or even most of the places highlighted in the episode.  I just remember Federal Donuts and how scrumptious the donuts looked on tv.  Immediately, we decided that as soon as we moved and got settled in, we were going to find this place.  We learned that Federal Donuts's Center City location was only a couple of blocks from Pietro's, so after we ate lunch we set out to find it.
And find it we did.  Again, I didn't get any pics of the donuts because we ordered ours to go and didn't sit down.  We also ordered some of the Buttermilk Ranch and Honey Ginger fried chicken, which was AWESOME!  I snapped a quick pic of Greyson enjoying his donut.  Mmmm!
So that, along with celebrating Brinkley's third birthday, was what we did this weekend.  Happy President's Day and I hope you enjoy your week!

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