Happy Valentine's Day!

I wanted to share a bit from our day.
As usual, I was up late last night finishing the appliques on my little ones' shirts and dress.  I bought Kinley's dress last summer knowing that, with just a little tweaking, it would be perfect for today.  I added the aqua and pink hearts...
and I think the boys' love robots turned out pretty cute...
We didn't have any major plans for the day.  Correction...Travis and I didn't have any major plans.  Kinley, on the other hand, had a party to attend at school and she could not have been more excited.
Funny girl!  The rest of us enjoyed a simple day at home.  Just sprinkle in a few decorations and some yummy treats, and its enough to make my little ones feel special!  
Lovely flowers from my wonderful husband...
Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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