Our week in review

I haven't had the chance to blog as much as I've wanted over the past few days, so I'm doing a recap of the week.
Okay...this pic is not from this week.  It's actually from a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I'd throw it in here.  A few days after we moved in, we decided to make our first trip into the city.  We stopped into the Ikea there, and then acted like tourists (because we kind of are) and just drove around to take in all the sights.  
The kiddos really seemed to enjoy all the noise and busyness of the city.  We plan to go often and visit the museums and historic/tourist sites.
Okay.  Moving on to this week...
We found an awesome preschool for Kinley just a couple blocks from us.  I can actually walk there to pick her up in the afternoons.  And I plan to...when it isn't 20 degrees outside.  Anyway, she started this week and has adjusted so well.  Her teacher seems wonderful, and she has already told me so much about her new friends.
Speaking of school, I hate that we won't be putting Brinkley into one until the fall.  But we've been getting in plenty of  "school" time at home.  We looove drawing with Slick Sticks by Crayola.  Lately, all Brinkley wants to draw are happy faces, but yesterday he surprised me with a dinosaur.  
I know I'm a little biased, but I think that's a pretty good looking dinosaur.  He was so proud of his little creation, I just had to give it a prominent spot on our refrigerator.
And here's my Greyson...
He loves following behind his brother and sister and trying to do EVERYTHING they do.  In his mind, they are all the same size and there's absolutely nothing they can do that he can't at least attempt.  Sometimes though, I catch him like this...hanging on to a stuffed animal and just acting like the sweet little baby that he is.  He loves his stuffed animals almost as much as he loves his siblings.  I often find him giving them little kisses...

Sweet little boy.  You sure melt my heart!

So normally I take the little ones to a park or playground a couple times a week.  I've found a few near us, but it's been soooo cold here.  The HIGH yesterday was 18, with a wind chill of four or five or something ridiculously low.  Needless to say, we haven't spent much time playing outside.  So today I took them to a nearby mall for lunch and to enjoy the play area.  

Greyson fell asleep on the way and napped during lunch....
It was nice getting out of the house though.  Later, after we'd returned home and were playing in our playroom, it started snowing!
I know the fact that its snowing means very little to some people.  I know that its even a common occurrence in this area.  But we're from South Carolina, where the winters are mild and getting snow is a big deal.  I think its been over two years since it last snowed where we lived.  Which means that Brinkley is too young to remember it and Greyson wasn't even born the last time we saw it.  You can see in the pictures that my little ones were in awe..
Oh Mommy, that's cold!
Hope you enjoyed your week!

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