It's time!!!

The moving company is here! The truck arrived first thing this morning and the movers are packing our house as I type this post.
This is definitely a bittersweet moment.  I am beyond excited about this move and all that it means for our little family.  But I'll miss my hometown.  My family is here and I've never lived anywhere but South Carolina.  I'll miss our church and the comfort of knowing that most of our friends are just a short drive away.  I'll miss being able to hop in the car and, within just a few minutes to a couple of hours, see either of our parents and siblings.  And I'll miss this little house...
It's the first one Travis and I purchased together.  Even though we were bursting at the seams and planning to purchase a larger home soon (before any thoughts of moving to a different city), we've created so many sweet memories here. I can't believe we'll be hundreds of miles away now. 

Well, I'll keep you posted about the move. I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!

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