Halloween 2012

This week has been so fun, albeit a little exhausting. Here's what we did for Halloween.  (Sorry, some of these pics are blurry)
We started with a festival here in our neighborhood Sunday afternoon.   We had a great time, especially since some of our friends brought their little ones and joined us.  I'm sorry to say I didn't get any decent pics to share.  The crowd was just too big. 
On Tuesday, Brinkley's class had a Halloween party so he got to wear his costume to school.  His teachers did a great job decorating the classroom.  I didn't get as many pics as I wanted because I also had Greyson with me, but I did manage to snap this one of Brinkley behind the scarecrow board...
Kinley spent Monday and Tuesday afternoon working on this cute owl craft for each of her classmates' treat bags.  The little owls are actually picture frames, but I just left them empty.
She worked so hard and was very proud when she completed the task!
I found out both Kinley's teachers like Reese's cups, so I put some in a little bag and attached this note...

And finally...time for the big day.  We kept things simple this year and dressed our little ones as skeletons.
It was nearly impossible getting these three together for a picture.  Here's the best I could do...
"Look Mommy, it glows!"
They had so much fun this week.  Brinkley is still saying, "One, two, three, TRICK-OR-TREAT!".  

I'll finish up with something Kinley made last week.  
She created this pumpkin version of our family.  From left to right, there's the mommy (with a stylish headband), baby brother, little brother, big sister (with hair bow of course), and the daddy.  So cute!

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