What's going on?

Whats goin' on???   So much in the last couple of weeks and I have neglected this poor blog. So let's catch up!
The state fair just came through town and we really wanted to make it since we didn't go last year. So we loaded everyone up and headed down to the fairgrounds. This was Kinley's first year actually getting on a few kiddie rides, and the boys seemed to enjoy just hanging in the stroller eating cotton candy. We ate foot-long corn dogs and some deep-fried goodies (just couldn't do the deep-fried butter though). My littles were covered in yummy stickiness by the time we left! I think they had a good time though.
Last weekend we made our autumn trek up to Greenville to visit Travis's parents and go to a pumpkin patch.  The pumpkin patch is actually part of a family-operated farm that rescues neglected farm animals.   Its awesome what they do there, which is why we decided to go for the second year in a row.  There was a maze, hayride, face painting, and of course lots of pumpkins.  I appliqu├ęd pumpkin shirts for the little ones to wear to the farm.

It just so happens that Kinley was chosen to be student-of-the-week in her class during this same time.  Part of being the special student includes taking home the class pet owl, Hootie (she and her classmates are the Outstanding Owls).  So Hootie made the trip with us up to Greenville!  I think he enjoyed the pumpkin patch too.
We've been busy, but somehow I managed to find the time to complete my first sewing project where I actually use my sewing machine. I had no intentions of making anything for Halloween because I knew I'd be busy with other projects, but when I saw this fabric I thought it was too adorable to not do SOMETHING. So I got it and here's the result...a reversible skirt for Kinley.
I hope to finish matching pants for the boys for this week too.
Update:  Here's Kinley wearing her skirt to school the day before Halloween!
And coming up...Kinley's fifth birthday!!! She has been ready for this for months. It took some time to settle on a party theme, but she finally decided she wanted a ballerina party. Here is a little glimpse of the invitation I made....
The party is in a couple of weeks, so I'll do a post with all the other little details after that.  
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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