the first day of school

If you've been following the blog, then you know yesterday was Kinley's first day of school.
We got everyone out the house and to the school with time to spare. 
I wonder what she was thinking here as we walked up to her building.  Hmmm....
We walked in to her classroom and I think it hit her.  She already knew she would have a new teacher, but I don't think she realized until then that there would be new students in the class as well.  She had some of the same classmates from last year, but I think she was expecting to see ALL her old friends.
After she hung her backpack in her cubby, we said our goodbyes and started to leave.  Then she got a little nervous and shed a few tears, but her wonderful teacher came over to talk with her.  We left then.  Later, when I picked her up she said she had a super fun day and didn't cry once.  She was so excited about coming back.    

All in all, I think she had a great day.  Now just a couple more weeks until Brinkley starts school!

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