a relaxing weekend

We've been so busy lately (so much for the lazy days of summer) that I was really looking forward to having no plans this weekend.  We relaxed and played with the little ones, and I tackled one of my many DIY projects.  I finally painted the mirror that sits on the bookcase in our entryway, something I've been putting off for some time now.  We've had the thing for years, but I was never in love with it's light, wood stain.  Then, a couple of months ago, I begged Travis to paint it white, which I loved even less.  I realized it needed some color so I chose one of my favorites, pale aqua, and decided to try a crackle finish.  Here's the mirror before painting...
and here's how it looked afterward...
I'm pleased with the result.  It adds some much needed color to our entryway, but it isn't too bright.
I guess that was the highlight of our weekend...at least for me.  Of course we attended church yesterday.  The little ones finally wore their crab outfits.  I tried to snap a quick shot` when we got home.  Can you guess which one was trying to sneak away? Ha!
And last night we discovered that Kinley has not one, but two loose teeth. Whaaat!??!?  What happened to my sweet, little baby girl?  In my mind, she is officially a big kid now.  Oh my!

I hope you also enjoyed your weekend.

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