Sneak peaks and a Daddy/Daughter date!

I just want to start by saying this post is a little all over the place.  There are just so many things I want to share.
First off...I stumbled upon this cute idea for recycling broken crayons a while back and finally tried it this week.  The chunky crayons turned out better than expected (Travis thought I was going to burn the house down because I was "baking" crayons) and Kinley loved helping.  We had to wait until Brinkley was taking his nap.
I think Kinley and Brinkley enjoyed their "new" crayons.  Click here to see the instructions in case you're interested in trying this project.

Okay, here's the next thing...I'm almost finished with the little ones' Fourth of July shirts!!!  I'm really excited about this because I usually put my projects off to the last minute, and I end up staying up really late the night before to complete whatever I'm working on.  I was determined to NOT do that this time.  I'm not finished, but here's a little sneak peak...
Next...remember the bunting banner I made for Kinley's play date?  Well I plan to start on the one for the boys' room soon.  The fabric is so cute I just had to share.  You might recognize some of it from the above pic.
Definitely an all-american boy's color scheme.  I think I need to add one or two more fabric choices with green and maybe orange.  I'll post some pics when I finish.

And finally...tonight Travis took Kinley on a daddy/daughter date to the Chic-Fil-A near us.  I'm not sure if its something the restaurant does on a regular basis, but it is such a sweet idea.  Kinley was SOOOO excited about going on a date with her daddy.  She's had her dress picked out since the beginning of the week!  Her hair had to be just right and she even made me repaint her toenails.  I think she really enjoyed the one-on-one time.

Have a great rest of the week!

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